Nuggets, Shakes, & Babyccinos

This week on Mommyish, I took a tip from all the hype surrounding pink slime and peered into my scary “Junk Food” submissions folder. I haven’t talked much about junk food or fast food on the blog, but I’ll admit those subjects have been weighing on me lately as more stories are reported about what’s lurking in our food. Specifically, I think about the fact that so many parents use certain foods as a cure-all for their impatient and fry-loving children (and I say this as a person who loves a good batch of fries).

I try not to think about this much, because I don’t want to get all preachy on the blog about such things, but sometimes it’s really hard not to when I receive submissions like this:

Why is this woman complaining about this on Facebook? Why is her child losing his shit over chicken nuggets, and why is she putting the blame squarely on McDonald’s when she could have used this opportunity to teach her child about patience? Not to mention Allarice’s comment about parking the car and walking inside to stand in line like other people should might do.

The craziest thing is that Briana still manages to think this offense is "complain-worthy" despite admitting that the chain was in the right. This is like when people argue that it’s total bullshit that they can’t walk through the drive-thru. Oh, woe is Briana for being forced to drive around the block and then get back in line so she could feed her tiny human a delicious helping of mechanically separated poultry. Is she not the best mom ever for going to such lengths for her son? Whatever that precious baby wants, he’s gonna get! 

Soda, a chocolate milkshake, a spoiled child, a mother who equates love with getting everything you want at a drive-thru, and the most boring story ever told on Facebook? Talk about barf-worthy. What child needs to consume a soda and a milkshake along with (I’m assuming) a meal from McDonald’s? Not that I’ve never ordered that myself, but the amount of baby talk in this enlightening story is leading me to believe her child isn’t even out of diapers.

Shouldn’t kids work up to an age where they can double fist a sugary soda in one hand and a frothy milkshake in the other? Isn’t that part of the joy that comes from being a stupid teenager or a broke college student? Plus, why do parents attempt to teach their children the concept of “love” via purchases from McDonald’s? I wish I thought I was overreacting, but when parents take the time to brag about spoiling their kids with McDonald’s on Facebook, I start to get a little queasy.

That said, it’s not just “junk food moms” whose updates gross me out. Starbucks moms are equally as obnoxious, as was the three-week stretch of media stories about "babyccinos." 

Aww, he named his drink. :-) SO CUTE. He’s going to be ordering a venti half-skim mocha latte with an extra shot in no time! 

Don’t forget to head over to Mommyish for several “quality” submissions about fast food, junk food, and obesity. Even if you disagree with my views, you’ll be hard-pressed to find logic in the Great Caramel Apples Controversy of 2011. Although, several people have already told me that I’m an elitist asshole over there, so I could be wrong about that, too!

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*Personal Note* I’d also like to recommend a great movie I saw recently called "Forks Over Knives." It’s currently streaming on Netflix. Check it out! There’s a book, too!

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