Parents Protest on Facebook: Pt. III

Finally, to wrap up today’s Nick Jr.Gate Facebook Saga, I wanted to introduce you to some of the major players who are embroiled in this epic battle. (Epic because the Nick Jr. Facebook page truly goes on and on and on, longer than Gone With The Wind, longer than how you feel when your mother-in-law visits for a week, longer than it would take you to read all 1300 posts on this blog…. LONG.)

While there are indeed a shitload of people commenting on the Nick Jr. “fan” page, several parents have taken on more of a leadership role to voice their frustrations. Call it community organizing, call it a series of last-ditch efforts, or hey, call it consumer empowerment (if you really want to), but whatever you call it, just know that these parents will have the final word on the changes happening over at Nick Jr., whether Nick Jr. likes it or not. They’re here! They’re angry parents! Get used to them! 

Roll call:

1. Aaron

2. Jennifer

3. Brenda

4. Kinney

5. Jessica

6. Jason

*Note: I do not condone the boycott of Nick Jr., but if you do, you should probably address your concerns to 1515 Broadway, as I am fairly certain that no street called ‘Broadwaty’ exists. I’m not sure what happens when you send a box of candy canes to a cartoon called Moose A. Moose, but that’s a separate issue.

7. Cathrine

^ Yes, that is a picture of Moose and Zee stuffed animals holding a hand-crafted mom-crafted protest sign. Cathrine is pret-ty freakin’ serious.

8. Marc

9. Rose - The Ringleader 

This concludes my Nick Jr.Gate reporting. I hope you’ve all enjoyed these examples of parents in action, mobilizing as a single, pissed off unit to fight the great injustices of the world Nick Jr. via Facebook. Remember, everyone: You gotta take it one battle at a time. Today it’s Moose and Zee. Tomorrow, it’s world hunger and/or child obesity depending on where you live! Never give up hope and never stop fighting for what’s right. Think of the children! UNLIKE NICK JR. THOSE SCOUNDRELS. 

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