Tease & Reveal: Lego Head Edition

Sadly, there’s a flip side to every coin. Just last week we delighted in Adam’s son’s strange treatment of Lego heads, and now here we have the exact opposite with Danielle’s son, who instead chose to stick a Lego head up his nose.

Anyone who’s ever stuck anything up his or her nose can attest that this was not a smart idea. In fact, based on the image you’ll see after the jump, I’m going to say that Danielle’s son’s decision to stick a Lego head up his nose was almost as stupid as his mom’s decision to document it on Facebook. Almost. 

This takes me right back to Fright Fest, which was a dark time for us all, and it also freaks me out a little, even though I’m sure Cooper was fine after this unforgettable debacle. (Especially since he has the added healing powers of that amber teething necklace.) The thing that gets me, though, is the placement of his mother’s hand holding little Cooper in place. Her gesture seems to be saying, “Whoa there, buddy! Where do you think you’re off to? The bathroom? So you can wipe that ounce of blood off your face? I don’t think so, little man. Pose for mommy first.” 

I know that for many parents, a bloody face = a Kodak moment, but if posting a picture of your son’s smeared visage elicits concerned comments from friends, maybe putting it on Facebook isn’t the best idea after all. Poor Cooper and his crimson face. He looks like he’s at a UA football game minus the tailgating. 

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