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This week on Mommyish, I talk about oversharing on social media sites that aren’t Facebook. Although I’ve been known to post the occasional tweet (plus one Instagram submission and one Pinterest submission!), for the most part I receive Facebook submissions, so they make up the majority of the posts. But lately I’ve been getting a lot of emails about oversharing elsewhere, leading me to conclude that the crazy stuff parents post about on Facebook is quickly spreading to other sites

It’s understandable, considering the allure of photo sharing sites and the temptation to live tweet events such as childbirth. Facebook is the central “brain” of social media activity, while other sites such as Instagram and Pinterest serve as the nerves that transfer that information in a multitude of ways. Sometimes photo editing filters are involved. Sometimes the image is on a mood board simply titled, “Placentas .” The more popular these sites become, the more parents use them to share their stories and pretty up their pics with blurry edges and sepia tones. So instead of continuing on like this rising trend isn’t happening, I rounded up a bunch of birth-related examples for you guys to check out. Because who doesn’t love a quality collection of overshare submissions about labor? It’s natural

1. Water Birth 

This is the most benign picture that you will see in this post. Consider it a gift.

To further explain the significance of the images, which were all sent together, I’ll let the submitter take the floor:

"I want to preface this with, "I shoulda known better," but I guess nothing is sacred anymore. I use Instagram all the time on my phone, and there’s a February photo a day challenge going on. Recently the photo to take was of something new. Well wouldn’t you know it, some ladies just had babies and decided to take this opportunity to share with the random strangers on Instagram some shots of their placentas, birth pics, and umbilical cords.

I could have easily avoided searching the archives for these images, but they showed up in my feed because someone I follow finds this stuff interesting. Needless to say, I no longer check Instagram before eating, sleeping or romance is to occur. Nothing says classy like an iPhone app to add that artistic flair to your photos :/”

2. Water Birth + Umbilical Cord

There was a time when each of us was tethered to a long, fleshy cord that provided sustenance while in the womb. None of us remembers being attached to one, but a few fortunate souls have the pleasure of knowing exactly what they looked like: tiny, disoriented bungee jumpers affixed to a tightly-coiled human harness with a blue-ish tint. Thank goodness pictures like this are posted to sharing sites so everyone gets to “re-live” that special time via a stranger’s birth photo.

3. Bloody Hands

These are the bloody jazz hands of someone who’s just assisted with a birth. Just look at that emotion they exude. Those hands are going to take the Cheerleading Nurses, Midwives and Doulas Squad all the way to the nationals!

*Note: Someone has pointed out the inconsistencies with this photo, seeing as it appears the gloves are actually covered in hair dye while the photo is marked in the “placenta” category. Who knows, maybe someone is using placenta as a natural hair colorant! After all, it’s already a conditioner.

4. The Placenta

This placenta is bulbous, gooey, veiny, and completely unnecessary for Instagram. What. the fuck. We’ve seen a lot of placentas on this blog, but looking at this picture, I’m still feeling a bit faint. That is one hell of a temporary organ, and just knowing that the person who posted this picture is going to eat, oven dry, and/or use that placenta as a couch cushion is enough to make me lose my appetite for at least a few days hours. I’m also picturing this Instagram user contentedly editing this picture while eating a sprout and dirt salad. Some people shouldn’t use certain apps.

5. Knotted Umbilical Cord

I noted in my column that knots in umbilical cords - while fascinating and “photo-worthy” - are not always a danger to a baby, as “one in 2,000 deliveries will have a true tight knot that could present problems for the baby.” With that said, I don’t know if this particular knot posed any problems, but I am quite certain that more than one in every 2,000 people will be grossed out by this picture. Which is to say that using Instagram’s fancy schmancy editing tools to make a picture of bloody paper towels and a severed umbilical cord look “nice” might not be the best way to use the sharing site. Then again, 25 people “liked” the photo, so I must be off in my statistics. 

Head over to Mommyish to read my column about oversharing elsewhere. I’ve got examples from Flickr, Pinterest, and a three-part example from Twitter! It’s a whole lot of good times rolled into one NSFW post.

(submitted by Anonymous)

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