The literary devices being employed by Green are upsetting me. From the “poop soup” rhyme to the ham hock analogy to the “daily special”-style recipe, I fear the kid-related updates that Green is capable of writing. What’s next? A lullaby about floaters sung to the tune of ‘Day Is Done’? A Mother Goose nursery rhyme about rubber duckies drowning in feces? I’m not sure I can handle it.

But yet again, I ask the question, “What’s worse?” What’s worse, everyone: a description of a giant bowl of human poop soup, or a photo of the poop minus the soup (and subsequent recipe)? 

On the one hand, this picture is so disgusting, I may have just adopted a fear of bathing. But on the other, I have to say that my gag reflex is severely put to the test by both submissions. I’m not a fan of Green’s flippant disregard of Purple’s plea in Poop Soup, and in a way her his attitude is worse than Kimberly’s failed attempt at humor. Still, Kimberly is the one who had the bright idea to snap a photo of her kid’s bathtime shitfest and post it online for all to see. Maybe I just need to make a proper score card to keep track of these offenders and their crimes against their friends humanity to know how they rank. After all, March Madness is just around the corner. 

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