The Potty Factor

Since starting the blog, certain forms of parent overshare have become “the norm.” Posting sonograms, setting up an account profile for a talking fetus, and live-tweeting one’s own labor have all become somewhat commonplace, as have potty pictures and potty training updates about toddlers. I don’t even know how many potty pictures I’ve posted over the years, but it’s probably enough to fill a whole calendar (hellooo, STFU, Parents merch!), and god knows I’ve received my share of submissions. (In fact, this is what my Potty Training folder looks like right now!)

That being said, some potty pictures are worse than others. Sometimes the kid is older. Sometimes the kid is naked. Sometimes the kid is…both of those things and I’m at a total loss as to why the picture has been posted online.

From what I could tell prior to editing, this kid is very Christopher Mintz-Plasse when he looked like this. I don’t know how old he is, but I can tell you he’s too old. Too old for his mom to be photographing him on the toilet naked as he does his homework (???) and too old for the picture to be posted on Facebook. It’s certainly one of the most awkward potty pictures (or in this kid’s case, “toilet pictures”) I’ve received, but I’m not sure if it’s THE most awkward. After all, when weighing the irresponsibility of posting potty pictures online, there are numerous factors to consider:

You catch my drift. There are multiple criteria involved. And after receiving the above submission I couldn’t help but think about those things. Specifically, is posting a picture online of an older kid (like the one above) while he’s naked and doing his homework on the toilet any “better” or “worse” than posting something like this:

Here, the kid is younger, but the facial strain…ohh, the facial strain you guys can’t see on this poor kid’s face. Compared to Marie’s kid, I’m not sure who would win this Hall of Shame contest. The kid who can read and write and potentially find this picture on the internet, or the kid whose focused concentration has been documented for the world to see, facial strain and all? Maybe the ultimate “winner” would be Ash, the hands-holding, sensitive dad whose profile picture is a shot of him sitting in a poop prayer with his son? Yes, that’s it. I’m going to go with that. 

(submitted by Anonymous)

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