MommyJacking: Cancer V. Preeclampsia Edition

According to the submitter, “Deana is single, a teacher, probably about 30 and has been battling skin cancer for the past year.” According to me, in light of hearing/confirming this, I really think Sara and Shannon owe Deana an apology. I don’t mean to get all “sensitive blogger” about it, but skin cancer is serious shit. And while I am ALL FOR ladies discussing their equally-important health concerns, doing so on someone else’s wall in response to her brief-but-telling status update is just about the rudest thing I can imagine. 

It’s one thing to mommyjack someone’s engagement update with, “We’re having baby #2!” That is in its own category of jacked-up rudeness. But it’s another thing entirely to take over someone’s cancer status update - in which she expresses frustration and anxiety - by going off about your pregnancy complications and then engaging with another person with no regard to the original poster whatsoever. I wish Deana had popped up and said, “Hey ladies, if you want to get into a medical discussion about your pregnancies could you kindly take the conversation off my wall? I’m over here thinking about my skin cancer test results, and you guys are acting like my wall is a pregnant women’s forum board for inconsiderate assholes. THANKS.” But no, she did no such thing. She suffered in polite silence, which just makes it worse. 

Deana, if you’re reading this, I hope those test results came back negative. And Shannon and Sara, if you’re reading this, I hope you’re putting together an apology care basket for your friend Deana who is going through a rough time (hint: a basket of sonogram cookies will not suffice). Your preemie concerns are understandable, but your lack of self-awareness is inexcusable. In short, you have both risen to the top of my shit list on this fine Monday. Brava!

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