Mom’s Gold Star

I received several funny Gold Star submissions this week, but this one made me laugh the most. Maybe that makes me a terrible person, or just a terribly boring person (?), but it did. And so it shall win the coveted Gold Star. Simplicity gets me every time, especially at the end of a busy week.

Forget about reading too much into it, or taking offense to the fact that this guy Jon is essentially admitting to being a card-carrying shooter and baby season alumnus. No, I will just laugh at his joke and wonder why I hadn’t thought of it myself. It also doesn’t hurt that “baby photo shoots” often lead to stuff like this, which instantly takes Jon’s comment from “lol” to “rubbing-one’s-hands-together-while-laughing-maniacally-in-evil-glee.” So congrats, Jon! Good one.

Oh, and speaking of "baby shoots," I happened to notice the below exchange on the Target Baby Facebook page the day all the drama went down with Doula Kiera. Someone please explain to me again why people try so hard to get their kids into modeling?

Renae, stop grunting and just┬áput the kid on YouTube. If he eats a squirrel, says crazy shit after a trip to the dentist or cries a lot about Justin Bieber, you’ll have a little star on your hands. And then who calls the modeling shots, huh?! Trust me.

(submitted by Anonymous)

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