Tease & Reveal - Preg Edition

I don’t really understand who these people are or where they come from*, but they’re out there in full force, walking among us, raising the children of tomorrow. This much I know. 

Y. seems to be having some back problems, possibly related to pregnancy, but also not related to pregnancy at all. I mean, really, what do her friends know? Maybe Y. got a sore back from carrying something heavy. Maybe she pulled a muscle while playing a particularly strenuous game of doubles tennis. Maybe she’s getting her period. Or, according to B., M., and T., maybe Y. is just pregnant. Except that she’s “not even” pregnant, lol, not even a little bit pregnant, like twelve percent pregnant, so they’re wrong! Y. not dumb! Plus thing called strong PILL!!!! 

Whew. Glad that’s settled.

This is both a scarily accurate representation of how some people talk about unexpected pregnancy in modern day society AND a transcription of a conversation among cavewomen that took place in 6,000 B.C. And oh yes I did do a Google search for “aldacton” which is apparently also known as spironolactone, a drug that treats “certain patients with hyperaldosternoism, low potassium levels and in patients with edema (fluid retention).” Oh and it “may be used to treat certain female patients with abnormal facial hair.” So yeah, Y., you might want to go ahead and tell your doctor that you’re pregnant. Also my cavewoman joke has added meaning now.

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*PS: Did I mention that everyone in this thread is Australian? Happy Australia Day to all you Aussie readers! I’m confident you’re not all like…this.

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