HolidayJacking: Pearl Harbor Edition

Every year on holidays that commemorate something related to veterans (Veteran’s DayD-Day, etc.), some jackass comes up with essentially the exact same joke that some other jackass came up with the year before. Oftentimes, diapers are involved. Because equating a “massive bomb” in a diaper is entirely comparable - not to mention hilarious - to an actual bomb explosion that killed 2,400 people. Right? How funny is that? Freakin’ genius.

Especially since it’s been what…like, MANY years since the events at Pearl Harbor transpired. I’m pretty sure we’ve officially passed the point where people even care about what the day symbolizes! Plus, what are parents supposed to do? Not make a hysterical joke about their baby just because some people are too sensitive? Please.

BAHAHAHA! Get it? “Sneak attack”? Like the Japanese surprising the U.S. naval base with a military strike? If you’re not laughing then you must not get the joke! Don’t worry if you don’t, though — I have a feeling this poster will ‘reinvent’ this joke for years and years to come. It’ll become a running joke in the family, and soon no one will even know why Pearl Harbor jokes were ever taboo to begin with. The fact is, if something has a comedic quality to it, people should exploit it. And if there’s one holiday that’s inherently humorous, it’s got to be this one.

Happy Pearl Harbor Day, everyone! Hope no one’s been hit by any “stinky torpedos” today, if you know what I mean. Haha!

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