Fright Fest ‘13 - The Cloth Diaper Sanctimonsters

Something I’ve been meaning to post about that I’ll probably do a more in-depth investigative report on is diaper Facebook pages and the crazy stuff that happens on them. See, normally I would say, “Let the diaper people have their fun! So what if moms like having deep, meaningful conversations about diaper preferences on certain Facebook pages? That’s what those pages are for!!” Normally, I wouldn’t even mock those pages, because they’re as close as it gets to a legit forum outside of Facebook while still technically being on Facebook, and I know some people like participating in that kind of thing. They’re “safe” places whose members respect each other enough to not turn each other in for saying something a little gross. Normally.

But in the case of a diaper company posting something extremely disgusting in a direct attempt to shun people who use disposable diapers, page members begin to lose sympathy — as do I.

The tone of this thread is much more “WTF” than it is “rah, rah, cloth diapers!”, and there’s a reason for that. This unnamed cloth diaper company is abusing its page members eyes to assert a claim that isn’t even true. The company posted a picture of a kid with a blow-out in a disposable diaper, yes, but like Barb said (in so many words), there is noooo fucking way a baby’s cloth diaper would look much different if the child’s ass had done this:

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Fright Fest ‘13 - Tease & Reveal: Foot Edition

This is more a case of “STFU, Cousins” than “STFU, Parents,” and yet it’s terrifying and wrong all the same. From what I can gather based on Shianna’s “explanation,” her not-so-smart younger cousin jumped from the top of a shed onto a trampoline, but then thought he might land on the springs surrounding the trampoline, so he avoided them by jumping elsewhere? I don’t know. But here’s what I do know: It doesn’t really matter, because whatever this kid did, the frighteningly mind-boggling results looked like THIS:

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Fright Fest 2013: Happy Halloween! 

After a couple of long and disgusting weeks of Fright Fest, the big day is finally here. And you guys know what means: EVEN MORE GROSS STUFF. Yes, today will be gore-filled and disturbing, including one post that’s absolutely revolting. (Just to give you something to look forward to.) As is tradition, I’ll be posting “scary” posts all day (and perhaps into tomorrow), beginning with this one. Sure, it’s no Poop Skating, but in a way this could be worse? Or maybe what makes this so gross is that ever since posting Poop Skating, I’ve had to create a whole Poop Leg folder for pictures like the one above (which was posted on Instagram, of course). So, so many poop legs.

What possesses a person to zoom in on her child’s mustardy-shit-covered leg? What compels an upstanding citizen to go from adding a Valencia filter to a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge to Hefe’ing the fuck out of a picture of her baby’s diarrhea? And exactly what reaction does she hope to receive from her Instagram community?

Lols and lols for dayz. We’re nearing End Times when a picture like this is greeted with comments like, “This is amazing!” and, “Haha!” When the final hours of civilization have inescapably arrived, cackles of delight in response to pictures of dripping poop will echo throughout the land, and we’ll know why the apocalypse is near. 

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