The comments section of STFU, Parents is a glorious place to hang out, tell jokes and become buddies with some pretty awesome people. I don’t have too many rules about what you can or cannot say, but I do have a few stern policies: 

1. Respect other people, whether it’s someone else in the comments or someone you’re trashing from the submission itself. There’s nothing wrong with voicing an opposing opinion or snarking, but know where to draw the line before I step in and get all preachy. In layman’s terms this translates to, “Please don’t be an asshole.” 

2. Don’t reference violence in your jokes. There was a time when it was kind of funny to say things like, “Haha, she should be smacked upside her head!” or “That guy should be taken out back and shot!”, but those times are no more. At least not here. Violence isn’t cool or funny, so let’s not perpetuate the idea that it is. 

3. Don’t post anyone’s personal or private information, especially the people featured in the submissions. It’s hurtful, it’s wrong, and it makes you look like a jerk.  

4. Remember that this site welcomes all readers. I appreciate everyone who reads the blog, from parents to non-parents to those who identify with being childfree. We’re all equal, and we’re all here for the same reasons. Please avoid attacks and generalizations on specific groups of people. 

5. Don’t “slut shame.”Due to the nature of the blog, more women wind up being featured than men. That doesn’t mean I’m “anti-mom”; it just means moms like to talk on Facebook a lot. Don’t demean women in the comments or I will turn into the feminist version of Al Sharpton. It will be annoying for us all. 

6. Don’t feed the trolls. Trolls occasionally stop by seeking attention and fierce debate. Rather than give in, simply send me an email alerting me to the commenter and I will zap them into oblivion with haste.  

7. Hang out to have fun. If you’re only here to angrily rant, whine or insult people, I’m going to have to step in to moderate, which deters from the fun the rest of us are having. Don’t be that person! 

8. Finally, try to be smart in your humor. Don’t use profanity to be lazy; use it to spice up an already-funny statement or anecdote. Lazy humor is often the most insulting, and I know we’re all better than that around here. Thank you!